Mace Windu: Was He Actually a Sith?


Whereas Star Wars consists of a number of main characters, it’s simple that Mace Windu is among the most fascinating, being a one-of-a-kind Jedi Masters. 

Being highly effective and exhibiting excellent combating prowess, many thought the Mace Windu had turned to the darkish facet. However it’s extra that he had realized to make use of the darkish facet to his benefit. 

Mace Windu is such an intriguing character to find about. So, let’s uncover the catch within the lifetime of Mace Windu, alongside along with his fascinating reference to the darkish facet. 

Does Mace Windu Use the Darkish Facet?

Mace Windu Star Wars
Picture Credit score: twentieth Century Fox.

Mace Windu would not use the darkish facet. He was grounded and good sufficient along with his techniques, despite the fact that he utilized Vaapad. 

Though Mace Windu confirmed aggressiveness and does take pleasure in fights, he was good sufficient to control his opponents’ darkish facet energy — utilizing their strengths and weaknesses towards them. 

Thus, Mace Windu was not connecting and manipulating the darkish facet carelessly. Redirecting the darkish facet was his major technique throughout his fights. Thus, this makes him a grounded light-sider. 

Is Mace Windu a Sith?

Mace Windu Star Wars
Picture Credit score: twentieth Century Fox.

Buzzing concept in Star Wars concluded that Mace Windu is a secret Sith. Regardless that there can be found items of proof that may help the claims of the speculation, some grounds nonetheless make it uncertain.

In actual fact, it needs to be a typical conduct for Mace Windu to study the Darkish Facet of the Drive whereas additionally studying the Gentle Facet, exhibiting the traits of a double agent.

Regardless, some items of proof are convincing, resulting in a number of theories.

Did Mace Windu Push Anakin to the Darkish Facet?

Anakin slaughters the Separatists Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Hayden Christensen
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

Considerably — nobody can utterly blame Mace Windu even when Anakin did flip to the Darkish Facet. Nevertheless, Mace Windu tremendously contributes to Anakin’s downfall. 

Being influential in Anakin’s life made many imagine that Mace Windu has actually pushed Anakin to the Darkish Facet. Nevertheless, the final choice nonetheless relied upon Anakin’s shoulders. 

Regardless that Anakin skilled unfavourable rejections and felt fixed worry, it doesn’t suggest that turning into the Darkish Facet was the final possibility. So, the primary to be blamed is him, in the long run.

Does Mace Windu Have Darkish Facet Powers?

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) Movie
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM.

Since Mace Windu would not use the darkish facet, he additionally doesn’t have darkish powers. What he makes use of in combating is his mastery of Vaapad. Or often known as Kind VII.

Though he doesn’t use the darkish facet, he considerably leans on that in his fights. He was clever and courageous sufficient to show his enemies’ darkish facet into them, profitable victories along with his battles.

How Did Mace Windu Not Fall to the Darkish Facet?

Mace Windu Star Wars
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Mace Windu loved aggressive type when combating. That is why there was at all times a powerful and simple connection to the darkish facet. However, even that, he had the stable floor to not fall into the darkish facet.

It’s tremendously motivated by his expertise of witnessing Jedi being buried within the darkness. Significantly, it’s his choice to not make the identical mistake the Jedi suffered from.

Via Juyo, Mace Windu uncovered a combating technique that does not result in the darkish facet: Vaapad. Not solely did he make the nice distance to the darkish facet, however he additionally found utilizing his opponents’ darkish facet.

Finally, Mace Windu didn’t fall to the darkish facet as a result of he realized about it, not ignoring or escaping it. Thus, it resulted in him recognizing his darkish feelings and unveiling them in a more healthy method.

Why Mace Windu Wouldn’t Flip to the Darkish Facet

Mace Windu Star Wars
Picture Credit score: twentieth Century Fox.

Mace Windu would not flip into the darkish facet as a result of he knew what it will trigger him. He gained that information from witnessing the Jedi’s downfall to the darkness.

Even when Mace Windu didn’t undergo at midnight facet by not falling on it. As a substitute, he fell to his demise. Worse, he additionally betrayed his rules, which many believed have been extra sinister than falling into the darkish facet.

Is Mace Windu the Worst Jedi That By no means Went Darkish?

Mace Windu Star Wars
Picture Credit score: twentieth Century Fox.

Star Wars prequels clearly confirmed how unlikeable and conceited Jedi are. Mace Windu being a Jedi, doesn’t fall removed from the angle of Jedi. Regardless that he had resisted and manipulated the darkish facet, it did not make him a commendable individual within the eyes of many.

 Fellow Jedi of Mace Windu are offered as prideful, chilly, and blind to criticism. True to that attribute, Mace Windu has lived. 

Subsequently, many believed that Mace Windu was the worst Jedi that by no means turned to the darkish facet. The one factor that was nice to him was his mastery and combating prowess. Even betraying his beliefs, in the long run, makes him an unlikeable, flawed character.


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