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Dirham is roughly equal to 0.27 USD. Opposite to the currencies actively traded on Foreign exchange, the UAE dirham at all times maintains a relentless alternate price towards the US greenback. Chances are you’ll know this truth concerning the Dirham. Nonetheless, do you know that, along with the UAE, dozens of different international locations do the identical? Let’s determine it out.

Which international locations’ currencies are pegged to the US Greenback?

Most Caribbean islands, resembling Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, and Bermuda, peg their currencies to the U.S. greenback as a result of tourism is their most important supply of earnings.

In Africa, many international locations peg to the euro. Djibouti and Eritrea are the one exceptions, which peg their very own currencies to the greenback.

A number of Center Jap nations, together with Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, peg to the U.S. greenback for stability – the oil-rich nations want the USA as a significant buying and selling associate.

In Asia, Macau and Hong Kong repair to the U.S. greenback.

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What are the explanations?

International locations select to peg their currencies to the USA greenback (USD) for numerous causes. Listed below are some frequent motivations behind forex pegging:

Stability and confidence

Pegging a forex to a secure and broadly accepted forex just like the USD can present stability and confidence to buyers, companies, and shoppers. It helps in lowering alternate price volatility and mitigating the dangers related to fluctuating forex values.

Commerce facilitation

Pegging to a significant buying and selling forex just like the USD can simplify worldwide commerce transactions. It supplies a constant alternate price and eliminates the necessity for fixed recalculations, making it simpler for companies to plan and execute cross-border commerce.

Inflation management

Some international locations with excessive inflation might select to peg their forex to a extra secure forex just like the USD to assist management inflationary pressures. By adopting the financial insurance policies of the forex to which they’re pegged, they’ll doubtlessly profit from decrease inflation charges.

Attracting international funding

A secure forex might be engaging to international buyers, because it reduces the danger of forex depreciation. Pegging to a broadly used forex just like the USD can encourage international funding by offering a well-known and predictable alternate price atmosphere.


The strategies used to peg currencies to the USD can range. Listed below are a number of frequent approaches:

Fastened alternate price

On this method, the central financial institution of the nation units a particular alternate price between its forex and the USD and commits to sustaining that price. The central financial institution intervenes within the international alternate market as obligatory to purchase or promote its forex to take care of the specified alternate price.

Forex board association

Beneath a forex board association, the nation’s central financial institution totally backs its forex with international reserves, usually denominated within the pegged forex (USD). The central financial institution holds adequate reserves to alternate the native forex for the pegged forex on the mounted alternate price.

Crawling peg

This method entails frequently adjusting the alternate price inside a predefined vary. The alternate price is adjusted steadily primarily based on financial components resembling inflation differentials, stability of funds, or different predetermined standards.

Managed float with intervention

Some international locations undertake a managed floating alternate price regime, the place the alternate price is allowed to fluctuate inside a sure vary or primarily based on market forces. Nonetheless, the central financial institution sometimes intervenes within the international alternate market to stabilize the alternate price and forestall important deviations from the specified degree.


It’s essential to notice that whereas pegging a forex to the USD can supply advantages, it additionally comes with challenges. Pegged currencies might face difficulties in responding to home financial circumstances, limiting the flexibility of the central financial institution to conduct unbiased financial coverage. Moreover, sustaining the peg requires cautious administration of international reserves and should expose the nation to dangers if the peg turns into unsustainable as a result of altering financial circumstances.

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