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A Day within the Lifetime of ChatGPT and Me

I needed to share how I exploit ChatGPT (and Bard in Google). I discover myself utilizing it daily.  I hope you discover a couple of concepts right here which are useful to you and share again a few of your greatest prompts.

For me, generative AI is like hiring an awesome knowledge scientist and a copywriter…plus having a pal who is aware of the whole lot!

Total, I exploit ChatGPT greater than Bard as I discover it offers higher solutions, summaries of my writing, and many others.  ChatGPT additionally has an ecosystem with 100+ plug-ins constructed round it. I’ve activated Noteable (creates a pocket book of Python code based mostly on statements in English of what I wish to do), and the Wolfram plug-in.  ChatGPT is aware of when to go management to the appropriate plug-in based mostly on the immediate!  For instance, I requested it for the legislation of cosines (offers measures of similarity between vectors) and it went to Wolfram Alpha for that.

Nonetheless, Bard can be very helpful particularly for details that require present information as it’s commonly refreshed (e.g. model promoting budgets). I additionally use it for Python code for Colab; since that may be a Google cloud product, I determine it would give me higher solutions there.

The largest methods Generative AI helps me:

Information science: ChatGPT writes code for me in R and Python (and even debugs error messages) which saves me hours. I inform it in English what I need and it writes code together with what packages have to be put in…an actual magic wand. I can even ask it for explanations of math instruments, properties of stat distributions, and even to seek out derivatives.

Copy editor: I are typically too technical in my first draft of any doc. I feed the doc to ChatGPT and ask it to assist me enhance.  I ask it what technical phrases want less complicated descriptions…it calls them out and even offers these descriptions.  It even created a glossary for me for a technical paper that was 85% there.

Quicker truth discovering than by way of search: Search offers hyperlinks however generative AI offers solutions!  Nonetheless, typically you need to problem the details introduced and you’ll often get completely different solutions.

Private pursuits: how one thing works, historic details, decoding medical analysis phrases, baseball participant efficiency and sabermetrics definitions.

Let me take you thru some latest classes.

Media overlaps can contaminate promoting elevate research with confounding components.  For instance, you suppose you’re evaluating on-line video publicity to no publicity, however you actually are evaluating on-line video + some portion of show (extremely correlated).

Cross-media attain (i.e. what % of shoppers see your advert SOMEWHERE) is an identical problem however expressed relative to media planning and supply.  Similar drawback although…if anyone noticed promoting a method, what’s the probability they noticed it one other means too?

Should you can estimate media overlaps, it might be of nice worth.

I got here up with an concept for tackling this drawback by leveraging what a marketer might know…the attain of adverts on every platform individually and the correlations between publicity on the completely different platforms.   Then I needed to create a mannequin that would simulate 10,000 digital IDs so I might analyze overlaps.

I requested ChatGPT about Copulas.  These are features that comprise the correlational construction of marginal variables that may have fully completely different distributions. The Copula plus its related marginal distributions offers you the flexibility to simulate digital IDs that ought to comprise the appropriate correlation patterns. No less than, that’s what I needed to check.

Now, that is the place ChatGPT actually helped.  I figured there may be a program in R to do what I had in thoughts.  I advised ChatGPT what I needed, and it created the code together with what packages I wanted to put in in R.  It labored like a appeal! Then I simulated 10,000 information from my new perform and analyzed the outcomes.  ChatGPT jogged my memory of the code to export the information as csv information.  In Excel I decided I obtained again the appropriate correlations and now I used to be in enterprise.  My 10,000 digital IDs gave me extremely correct cross-media publicity patterns.

Since this was such a brand new concept, I truly debated it with ChatGPT by way of a collection of prompts and responses that saved constructing on one another.  The forwards and backwards actually had the texture of a dialogue with a colleague however ultimately, I used to be satisfied that I had a legitimate methodology.

Explaining this superior method to non-technical colleagues was not really easy so after I wrote up the methodology, I requested ChatGPT to simplify my language and make it comprehensible.  I requested it for the 5 important concepts.  I requested it for a title.  All of this labored very properly.

Now all work and no play isn’t nice so I interspersed some baseball stuff.  I requested Bard which Yankees have the best profession OPS+ (on base proportion + slugging adjusted for year-to-year results.)  I obtained my reply! (I used to be shocked to see Aaron Choose proper after Mantle however forward of DiMaggio!) Then I used to be in search of a brand new present to binge, so I requested Bard for streaming video exhibits that had scores on rotten tomatoes over 90.  I obtained an awesome listing!  The subsequent day, I obtained recipe concepts with Bulgar from ChatGPT.

The one restrict to ChatGPT is your creativeness. One researcher advised me they even used it to create a code construction for open ended responses.

Please share a few of your greatest tales of what labored (or didn’t) with ChatGPT.



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